Together Alone In Time

About the project A person’s life is unavoidably tied to places and time, both of which have limits. Every human lives out their own personal time, with a beginning and an end, alone and together with other people. Individuality and…


About the project
A person’s life is unavoidably tied to places and time, both of which have limits.
Every human lives out their own personal time, with a beginning and an end, alone and together with other people. Individuality and seclusion are ingrained into us on a biological level, but so
are commonality, similitude, interdependency. Friendship and loneliness, the joys and difficulties of connecting with others, the comfort and mundanity of everyday life, and the desire to survive, to do something meaningful with our time and reach beyond our physical time have all existed before the COVID-19 pandemic, during it, and they will be with us afterwards, as well.
In the project, a diverse group of people around the world were invited to depict their
timely existence, here and now, in the time of pandemic, alone but together with others, via sound recordings and movement on video, both time-based media.
The project was realized through online workshops, contributions based on the workshops and a final piece built out of those contributions. Both taking part in the workshops and producing contributions were made accessible: to attend and to contribute, the minimum requirement was just a mobile phone with a camera and a microphone. The perspectives that the participants expressed via movement-based videos and sound are personal and political.
The final work can be seen as a musical piece, each movement and sound having a start, an end and their individual rhythm, creating together a tapestry of movement and sound.

Movement-based videos and sounds by
Amjad Sher
Awa Sowe
Christian Proaño
Dash Che
Diego James
Dmitri Zherbin
Half A Map
Jaana Pirskanen
John Kiran Fernandes
Misty Lotus
Nikolai Klix
Vili von Nissinen

Video editing
Jaana Pirskanen

Sound design
Half A Map

Video editing consultation
Marja Viitahuhta

Viljo Malmberg

Made in Ecuador, Finland, Switzerland, the UK and the US
in the time of the pandemic 2021

This project is commissioned by The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes’
Together Alone 2.0 project

Concept and production team
Jaana Pirskanen is an artist born in the Savo region and based in Helsinki, Finland.
Pirskanen is educated in contemporary dance, philosophy, psychology and gender studies.
The plurality of bodies, genders, sexualities and human relationships are themes that they
have worked with in their studies, through art and their work with customers. Previously,
they have worked at Seta, a Finnish LGBITQA+ organization, as the co-ordinator of the
TIKA project that focuses on human rights of intersex people. They have also worked in
occupational health services. They currently work as a psychologist in Terapiatalo Quu,
which is an LGBITQA+ sensitive therapy center in Helsinki. They have studied psychophysical psychotherapy and will complete a degree in integrative psychotherapy in 2023.
Pirskanen has made performance art, burlesque, drag and video art. Laughter, flirt,
tease, sublime grotesque beauty and surrealism are present in many of their works, but they also handle themes like mourning, aging and failure. In addition to solo projects they do collaborative art. A lot of Pirskanen’s work is about the ethics of listening, about how we are formed within social life and by non-human forces, and at what cost. In the project “Sensuous –
aging and sexuality”, they celebrated the sexuality and beauty of people over sixty years old.
Pirskanen performs internationally with their characters Theodora Rex and Magnus Love,
and teaches drag and burlesque workshops.
They see no need to differentiate between high art and lowbrow culture, since at the
core of performing there’s always communication with the audience. Pirskanen has also directed short collaborative documentaries about intersex and transgender issues, and has made experimental video works.

Half A Map is a musician and sound artist. They have an MA degree in new media
from Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, and a BA degree in sound art from Middlesex
University, London, UK. Their main focus is on combining experimentation with
immediacy, catchiness with surprise, and roughness with gentleness. They have performed
their work in concerts in London, Manchester, Paris and around Finland, released recorded
work in the UK and Finland, and featured their work on several radio stations in Finland and
the UK.

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